Dance Space Registration

Studio 430 will be photographing at Dance Space on Sunday August 12.

Please register to have photos taken by following the link below. 
A $10 booking is taken to register, which will be reinbursed for orders over $30

Package selection is based off how many costumes your child in individually photographed in. 
If your child has many costumes but you have a tighter budget, you are more than welcome to select your favourite costumes for individual images and only have group photos in the others.
EG: Your budget is $100 but your child has 6 costumes. Pick your favourite 2 and purchase the $90 2x costume CD
Photos will be available to view and purchase at the concert on August 26th. 

1) We Kindly ask that NO PARENTS enter our photography area. 

2) Our studio space is aNO PHONE ZONE.
We thank you for understanding. 



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